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Worthybit exists for inspiration. The founder, Tara Thompson-Chapman, came up with the idea after years of searching outward for answers; only to find the answers within her own self-acceptance.

She wants to give humanity a place to be inspired. A place for community kindness, sharing, empowerment and motivation.

Work in Progress

Life is Progressive

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is our logo. Life happens. We experience many situations which shape it. Sometimes we have to fall in order to realize our greatness within. And like the Phoenix, we have to burn ourselves to the ground in order to become a better version of ourselves; a more beautiful version. It is okay to shift so that we do not get stuck in neutral. As long as there is breath in our lungs and a beat in our heart, we have the ability to do things differently.

This logo symbolizes perseverance. Graphic designer, Justin McCormick at 831DSGN created this representation. It takes great skill, discipline and talent to produce a design from a conversation. We each have a Worthybit and designing is his.

 The Inspiration Behind Worthybit

Humans are beautiful. Truly. Worthybit chooses to look at the upside of humanity.

We will always have stories. Storytelling is a fundamental communication tool behind our very human existence. Storytelling incorporates words through written and verbal expression as well as visual and performing art. It brings us closer together, creating unique relationships. We connect with each other when we share our stories. Our happiness, our joy and our accomplishments are all a part of the beautiful mix.

Disclaimer: Please note Worthybit is a source of inspiration drawing from real life experiences, philosophy, culture and mindfulness. Sometimes I write, draw and create art from these sources whether they are fiction or non-fiction. I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapist or anything relating within. I am a human who talks about our conversations in life and I like to share these experiences with you as a source of hope, strength, love and courage. Art is a form of self expression which allows our stories, our conversations, to be told. May you find light on your path and as always,

Stay Beautiful!

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