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Hello! I’m Tara. Welcome to Worthybit.

Hello! I'm Tara

I grew up with art as a backdrop to my daily life. As a kid, I played in my father’s art studio on the scraps of canvas scattering the floor. I love the chalky feel of pastels on my fingers to this day. The smell of oil paint is as familiar to me as the aromas of garlic and onion sauteing in a pan on the kitchen stove. I studied the way my mother threaded a needle. The finesse of feeding fabric through a sewing machine and making patterns from scratch still fascinates me. One of my favorite forms of art is sculpture. Movable sculpture to be precise. One adventure sticks out in my mind still,

“I remember this studio we use to frequent in Chicago where I grew up as a young child. There were these metal sculptures with pendulums. I think they were of animals placed in some sort of city-scape. All I know, I loved to be able to move them. You were never allowed to touch the art in galleries and museums, but these you could touch. It was their purpose.”

My parents immersed me in classical ballet as well. I studied this performing art for 17 years. I carry the discipline of ballet throughout my daily life. Rigorous as it was, I found freedom in movement and music.

My mother encouraged writing as well. I had trouble with reading comprehension in first and second grade; however, with the help of a dictionary and a love for horses, I found the magic of words in Marguerite Henry’s books about the horses of Chincoteague. I am never without a pen and paper. Even in this age of technology, I still hand-write most of my thoughts.

In college, I studied at the Page Pitt School of Journalism at Marshall University. I found media law to be quite interesting and later earned a Paralegal Studies degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville.

I live in a quiet coastal town just north of Jacksonville. I enjoy a mindful practice on life through yoga and Buddhism. Writing, creating art and cultivating mindfulness sits alongside my responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and Human. From the ashes we rise to find our own, unique worthybit.

Stay beautiful!

The unknown is beautiful.

The Phoenix for Worthybit

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