Postcards about this marathon called life.

The Weeds are Medicine

Currently, I am working on a series called Postcards introducing a ladybug called Hope and her friend, Pandora. The story builds from Roman and Greek mythology as well as current cultural attributes. These two will always see life differently but alongside each other as friends. I can’t wait to unwrap this tall tale of love, beauty, mystery and betrayal. You never know what may happen until you try something new.

The Gray Wolf

Postcard Two: The Gray Wolf Howls

Disclaimer: Please note Worthybit is a source of inspiration drawing from real life experiences, philosophy, culture and mindfulness. Sometimes I write, draw and create art from these sources whether they are fiction or non-fiction. I am not a doctor, lawyer, therapist or anything relating within. I am a human who talks about our conversations in life and I like to share these experiences with you as a source of hope, strength, love and courage. Art is a form of self expression which allows our stories, our conversations, to be told. May you find light on your path and as always,

Stay Beautiful!

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