7 perspectives through the eyes of an island.

7 Point Perspective


Monday’s Perspective

This is the perspective I see everyday.

On the island of Amelia so beautifully tucked away.

Nestled along the coast between the land and the sea.

Be free to welcome all possibilities.


We take on the perspective of a journey through the lens. Finding beauty at its most glorious.

Beauty in the Sky

Beauty in the Sky


Lets walk with the breeze of the day.

Hold my hand and see what I see.

Crouch among the shoreline.

Capture the sailboats glistening against the grass.

Smell the ocean off in the distance.




On this journey through this isle of alluring captivation,

Start your day in the early spring,

Where the cars are all lined up in a particular way.

Just for the admirers to enjoy for a day.

Relish in the essence of the Concours d’Elegance.

Enjoy the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Rejoice in the pleasantries.

Sip on some sweet tea,

As you gaze at the horsepower of these beautiful machines.

Perspective from Centre Street

Bell Tower on Amelia


Take a walk down on Centre Street,

Where yesteryear meets the present.

An island of 8 flags from history’s past.

Listen to the bustle of the gathering tourists.

Take notice of the Crape Myrtle, lined streets

flourishing in their blossoming glory.

Stroll on down to the end of the street

Because time stands still in this quaint little district,

Where you will find the boats all docked nice and neat.


Catch a glimpse of the sky

Before it sails free

Into the wandering abyss of nature’s beauty.

Perspective from the docks.

Island Harbor

And off in the distance,

Across the sound,

You will find the ponies dancing around.

Living on the island of Cumberland

Year after year,

Enjoying the sweet grass

They frolic with delight.


A couple last thoughts before our journey comes to an end,

A boardwalk's perspective.

Boardwalk to Serenity

Draw your attention to the boardwalk’s perspective.

Right before you place your feet in the glistening,



Capture the sea oats,

The turtles

And sea gulls a plenty,

Basking in the sunlight

Of the days vibrant colors.

Mother Natures Beauty is Art

Mother Natures Beauty

Walk forever

With a full breath of endearment,




Find solitude

In the blessings all around you.

Perspective from the sand.

Tidal Pools

And as always,

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!