5 Ways to be healthy

5 Things To Do for Your Health Today


Top 5 List for a Healthy Wednesday

  1. Breathe
  2. Walk
  3. Laugh
  4. Eat some veggies
  5. Do 1 thing different today

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5 Ways to Feel Good Now

5 Ways to Feel Good Now

   1. Breathe

Notice your breath right now.

Is it short and shallow?

Or long and replenishing. . .

Get your phone out, find the timer and set it for 3 minutes.

Close your eyes and notice your breath.

The thoughts will happen.

Let them enter.

Let them dissipate.

No judgment.

They are just passing through.

3 minutes to lengthen your breath and replenish your brain.


(This always resets my brain no matter what time of day.

2. Take a Walk

Walk around your building.

Walk in the park.

Walk your dog.

Walk with your kids while they are on their bikes.

Get that stroller out and Walk.

Look up at the clouds!

Breathe in Mother Nature.

Get outside. Go around the block. Walk because you can.

3.  Laugh

Sometimes cliches really work. Laughter is the best medicine.

We are on the adventure of potty training right now. Lou runs up to me and says he needs to potty: After the fact. I pick him up and take him to his room to change him. I say,

“You are supposed to tell me before you potty, before.”

Lou giggles and says,

“Befive Momma, Befive.”

He knows his numbers, but the context of a sentence? Not quite yet. Lou is 2. We will teach Fore and Four later. We have plenty of time to conquer the English language.

How can you not laugh? It may be corny, but it definitely makes you treasure the little things in life. These two aren’t gonna be little forever. I recall this conversation with him and giggle every time. It definitely helps.

What makes you laugh?

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4. Eat some Veggies

While you are taking that walk, grab some carrots for some extra pep in your step. Raw veggies give you energy. Maintain a healthy body weight. And, the best part: No regret with this snack.

5. Do 1 thing different today

This one lets you walk outside your comfort zone. If you brush your teeth before you shower, brush them afterward.

The reason:

You changed your routine, therefore you changed your path. One thing different may lead to the next great idea. The promotion you are working toward. The phone call from a friend you’ve been meaning to get around to.

It doesn’t have to be huge. Just something small.

Maybe no cell phone’s at the dinner table and enjoy a really good conversation tonight.

These are 5 things which make my day better. I try to be mindful of them daily. If 5 is too many, start with 2.

Remember, a step in any direction is still action. And all progress requires a first step.

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!