The Gray Wolf

Postcard Two: The Gray Wolf Howls


The Wolf, the Unicorn and the Dragon

Hello Pandora!

My wings have been busy. I landed on a Gray Wolf to listen to the howl in her voice. She is worried my friend. The birds may be chirping while the springtime blooms with cheer, but her garden is in the midst of upheaval. The humans with steadfast regard are working to save her kind from extinction. Some want to hunt her; others want to adore her. The balance will reveal her tall tale of survival.

She’s hoping for compassion in the mind of the humans. I will keep you updated on this unfolding progression.

The Gray Wolf waits. She howls. She waits.

The Gray Wolf Howls by Tara Thompson-Chapman

History Today

In the meantime, I will talk just for a minute while my wings take a rest. May you be in good spirits!

While fluttering around the other day, I remember when I landed on Q. Fabius Pictor’s shoulder way back in the day. He wrote from his perspective as it lay before him. Something unheard of within his time; setting forth new boundaries for history in all of her lessons to be learned.

I wish we could see his thoughts as he wrote them in prose. Only the recollections remain of a time during one of Rome’s epic battles for supremacy. I guess the Greek gods had their final say. However, do not fret, Pandora, as long as you exist with me by your side, we will persevere to keep the memories of humanity alive.

Sunshine for All

Just over the rainbow off in the clouds, the unicorns are dancing! They are sharing their food. These humans are gobbling it up like candy to stay healthy. All the green goodness and bright colors to keep their strength roaring true. This Bug can relate to the unicorn’s magical traits. Hope shines in various ways.

The Gray Wolf howls while the Unicorn dances.

The Unicorn Dance by Tara Thompson-Chapman

Pull Up a Chair

Onward, to the next stop I uncovered in my travels. I’m thinking a pinning party to share our good faith. We can collect all of the beauty, happy thoughts and tasty delights. Then, put it on display for the world to adore. Postcards are almost extinct, Pandora. These are all new ways of storytelling these days.

Pictor’s writings may have been saved if there were smartphones like we have today.

Now, there is a little tension in the air as I write this. I mentioned the dragons in our last exchange of thoughts.

Do not fret! There is wisdom in them, too. For they are a part of the cycle in the balance of perspective. They are providing discourse to the masses a plenty. Discussion is integral if we are to unravel the ills. Another tool in our belt on this journey of wisdom.

The humans are talking and sharing ideas. And within all of this is where I will stop; on the table of humanity to see what is the buzz. There is a hum in the air while the leaves begin to bloom. It is springtime my dear and there is much left to do.

 Our Gardens

I have to stay busy with the bees and the butterflies; maintaining our gardens for the world to enjoy. The colors are contagious and good will a plenty. Forward, I must go! Up to the clouds to see a bird’s eye perspective. The Bald Eagles are happy tending to their families bringing forth new joy for the world to embrace.

Did I mention it is spring in the northern hemisphere? It has been rather warm early on. Let’s hope we can keep climate change at bay… That is a topic for another day.

I hope you are well, Pandora. We will meet up soon. I’ll bring treasures a plenty and we can chat over tea.



Please stay tuned for Postcard 3. In the meantime, catch up with Postcard 1: The Weeds are Medicine.

As always,

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!

Worthybit is my piece of love to the world. It sits alongside my responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and Human. From the ashes we rise to find our own, unique worthybit. — Tara

The unknown is beautiful.

The Phoenix