Begin with magic.

It’s just another Magic Monday


Two Magic Tricks for You

You know what is magic?

  1. A smile
  2. Gratitude

Life is hectic most of the time, whether you choose it to be so


it is just what it is at the moment the busy-ness happens.

1. Magic in the Smile

I am walking through Wal-mart. It’s a Sunday evening. I am looking at my list. Thinking about the week ahead.

Busy- ness. 

Busy- ness all around me. 

I like to call it noise.

“Have you ever noticed the noise in your life?”

Sometimes, it is a murmur – like the lull in a theater right before the show starts.

Sometimes, it is loud and obtrusive.

Either way, it is distracting.

Let's bottle the magic!


So, I’m pushing the cart. Grabbing what I need.

I see this elderly woman in a motorized cart ahead. I glance at her. The only thing which could describe her face right now, sitting in Wal-mart on a Sunday evening: Concern.

She looked concerned.

Who knows what was on her mind. I do know I made eye contact with her and smiled. Her face lit up. She smiled back. If I could bottle that feeling right in this particular moment, I would.

“It was the kind of smile where the corners of your eyelids turn up and joy overtakes your face. Pleasant.”

Which leads me to the next magic trick:

2. Magic in the Gratitude

When we say our thanks, we become mindful of our present life. We are aware of our surroundings. Gratitude brings clarity. It reminds us of the tiny, beautiful moments we capture on a day-to-day basis.

On the Mat

Yoga is a place of transformation and healing. The act of breathing through each pose is a mindful meditation, an active meditation. When my brain is all cluttered with noise, concentrating on the breath brings clarity. Focusing on one thing at a time, instead of jumping around from one task to the next, truly brings my sense of being back to a state of calm.

Even when I’m not practicing yoga on the mat, I try to bring my practice with me throughout the day.

Winding down and focusing on just my breath, is my soul’s way of patting me on the back. Mother Nature’s high five, so to speak. Why? Because I took the time to quiet out the noise and realize the frustration in the moment without judgment.

The constant push we all do when our lives are busy and things need to get done creates resistance. Resistance against accomplishment. Resistance against clarity.

Letting go of the busy-ness

You are late.

The kids are doing their thing and making it more frustrating.

The shoe is missing.

The dog decided to yack up breakfast.

To top it off, you forgot to get gas the night before and the car is on empty.

Then, you say,

“I’m late. We’re late.”

Have you ever noticed what happens next?

You become even more late. Things start to snowball.

This is resistance.

What helps?


Breathe a few deep breaths and repeat after me,

“We have plenty of time. We have plenty of time. We have plenty of time.”

Believe it with everything you have.

Believe it.

The order of the situation will fall back into place.

There will be enough time. And if you didn’t get this one specific thing done, say,

“It all happens for a reason.”

And let it go. Life is too short to worry about something you should’ve, could’ve and didn’t.

We are humans. Stuff happens. It is what it is.

I’m in tune with the Om.

I’m in tune with the energy of the Earth.

I’m in tune with this physical present state of being.

And these moments, captured by being are the greatest ones indeed.

Enjoy your Magic Monday!

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!

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