The connection between life and the adventures you seek.

3 Adventures for Your Day


Realizing Your Adventures Right Now

  1. Explore
  2. Inspire
  3. Connect

Life is all about the moment right now. Mindfulness teaches us to see the present for what it is right now. Throughout my adventures in learning mindfulness, I have found these 3 things to be the most important to me:

  1. Explore

The journey we embark on everyday is a beautiful journey. There is so much to find and enjoy within our surroundings.

Just this morning, Lou says,

“It’s another sunny day.”

“Yes, my dear it is. This is Florida and we have sunshine 90% of the time. Maybe one day, we will live where it is ‘another rainy day’ and we will be grateful for that, too. You ┬ánever know Lou where life will take you, but we love what we have along the way.”

2. Inspire

Inspiration is the feeling you can’t quite describe. It is the joy to create. The joy to be. The joy to love.

It could be a book. A person. A butterfly in the breeze. Or the way the sun shines on the leaves. It is the feeling which makes you want to embrace life and share the happiness.

Adventures are all around you.

Turn it up!

3. Connect

Connections make us feel loved. They are inviting, embracing and fulfilling.

The more we connect, the more we explore.

The more we connect, the more we inspire and share inspiration.

“Humans don’t bite.”

I have to remind myself we all have our insecurities. We are all unique.

Onward we go. I felt pretty inspired at the end of the day.

So always remember these 3 things:




You will not be disappointed.

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!