Practicing a right now mindset

Right Now On This Mat


Let’s begin with the truth

Do you ever feel like it all needs to be accomplished right now?

I do.

I want to take the world by storm and get it over, under or through with right now. That’s not the Right Now which brings results.

My mom would say I need to cultivate patience.

So, how do you cultivate patience? How do you enjoy being present amidst the thoughts and actions which run amok every day?

The Search for a Right Now mindset

Humans have this uncanny way of being, well…. Flawed.

But, the flaws make the beauty which is unique to us as well.

Inevitably, you will stumble into something which makes you take note or it could be an accumulation of events.

Next, you will want to find a reason why.

Furthermore, you will want to be more wholesome than yesterday.

So, gather up your bits, gather up your flaws and let the reasons be with you in this moment.


Right now, I take these bits and flaws to the mat.

They are welcome here. It’s the one place on Earth where it’s okay to be the messed-up beauty that is you.

Yoga is acceptance.

To begin, we usually sit in Lotus (Padmasana) and breathe.

We start by acknowledging our breath; no matter how it appears.





We take note of the bothersome points on our body.

Does anything hurt?

We set an intention to breathe into those points during our practice.

In return,

we unwind our body, mind and spirit.

Consequently, the breath connects the body and the mind.

At the beginning and end of practice, our teacher reminds us to give credit for all the things which bring us to the mat. It takes a lot of strength and courage to show up and practice. Acknowledge the light which brings you to your practice and the warmth shared by others in the room. The connected energy is real whether you practice in a yoga studio, in the park or at the beach.

Yoga is humanity connecting on the finer points.

Now, the next part gets a bit icky.

You show up for your practice. Upon leaving, your mindset is refreshed. You may have cried or laughed, but it came and went in the moment. All is good.

All that mindfulness really quiets the brainwaves.

Blue Sky Mindset Right Now

Yoga is Right Now.

So, you hop in your car, on your bike or whatever style of transportation which suits you and leave.

Do you carry that feeling with you onto the next encounter?

Unfortunately, I did for a minute and the Right Now faded.


I’m thinking, “If I am able to do it there, why am I not able to apply it to everything else in my life?”

More ick…

Everything Else

As usual, I took the whole world by storm. I forgot patience.

Yes, mom, I listen.   Yes, mom, I listen.

Applying yoga in yoga is all I can do Right Now.

Everything else will either come or it won’t. I’m not there, yet.


It’s like I explain to my 4-year-old son,

“Practice is how we grow.”

The same applies to adults as well.

Little pieces at a time and the practice grows.

Give yourself credit just like our teacher says when we show up to practice. Take time to notice those subtle changes of your mindset and reactions.

Real Life

About two years into my practice, this happens:

“I’m on the downside of the bridge coming home yesterday.

The car in front of me slows down, so I slow down as well.

However, I’m driving my husband’s car which is a standard. Granted, I can drive a

standard, but it isn’t my daily car.


a fish out of water.

As I begin to slow down myself, the gigantic truck behind me decides to ride my ass. He’s not slowing down. As we level off, I create space with the car in front of me. The truck changes lanes and without warning, squeezes into the space in front of me.


he slams his breaks.

My heart starts thumping in my head; literally, it’s pulsating.


It’s the moment of true anxiety. Luckily, I just didn’t slam the breaks without engaging the clutch. My brain remembers I am in a standard or I would’ve stalled out at 60 mph. We won’t think about that scenario…

I change lanes quickly and ultimately, Thank-God first.

Then, I let the truck get up the road.

And this is the critical moment after:

Years ago, I would’ve been just as angry as him. Or, in just as much of a hurry as him. Sadly, I may have antagonized the situation further just out of pure frustration and anxiety.

That’s honesty.

But, today, in this moment all I could think after:

“He needs more love in his life.”


We live in a society where tensions are high. No one knows anything about anybody else’s problems until a critical moment happens.

What if we are proactive instead of reactive?

We are all stressed out, but acting without anger, changes the dynamic. It changes the only response you have control over: You.

I’m a mother,
A wife,
And a human being sharing this world with other sentient beings.

I have love in my life.

The least I can do, is Give Love in return.

I don’t have time to be angry or anxious over what could’ve happened. On a personal level, I don’t want to contribute to the ripple effect in a negative manner.

Instead, I choose to Give Love and hope somewhere, deep down inside, the man in the gigantic truck receives love.

All we are promised is right now. That’s it.


One piece of my practice enters my Right Now.

Present Day

Yoga gives intention.

Little by little, the feeling you arrive at within your practice, permeates your being.

It’s not overnight. It will never be overnight. That’s the joy of experiencing life.

Some days, all you can do is make it to the mat and try not to serve the thoughts tea while breathing.

Other days, you carry the essence with you more than others.

I’m three years into my practice today. Not all of it has been easy. Needless to say, I have cried a lot on my mat. Maybe it’s the shedding of our past self and embracing our humanity which makes us cry?

For some reason, it helps.


I went to bed last Friday feeling worry and frustration. Despite my fears, I fell asleep with gratitude in my heart. All that I am has landed me right in this moment.

Upon waking, I took note of everything which brought me to my practice today, my life in other words.

I woke up and embraced the beauty about to unfold on this day, within my nugget of Earth, right now:

Breakfast with my boys and sunshine.

Walking through a quaint, little, seaside town full of history and magnificent splendor.

The privilege to sit among the trees and sand on the north end of the island and breathe in Mother Nature’s fullness.

A chat with a friend through the evening hours.

The Right Now feels good.

Lifenotes Right Now

Amelia Island

Next time

In closing,

the next time you are caught up in your thoughts and frustrations, take a moment for Right Now.

I call it a gratitude check.

Name all the things you are grateful for out loud for the Universe to hear and afterward say,

“Right Now.”

Do it with enthusiasm. Do it with tears. Do it in the moment which fills your soul with joy.

The energy will connect you to your life, your true self and all the moments which landed you right here, Right Now.

This is yoga.

Your life is the mat.

Your flaws are welcome.


Stay beautiful.

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