Grow into Your Moments. Soar


The Phoenix Never Fails. He grows into beauty.


Finding new pathways.

Exploring new oddities.

Accepting new realities.

Within all of this trudging,

Resolved a clear mind.

Within that clear mind,

Today became clean.

White linen clean.






Living in the Moments between the Moments

Grow and Soar

I have been growing for a while now. Letting go of my box of constraints. It is why I chose the Phoenix for the logo of Worthybit. I have been finding solace in these writing prompts on Death to Stock.

They let me explore.


And contemplate.

Most of all, they give me a chance to throw away my expectations. Throw away my style and create something entirely different.


I have come across some beautiful writers, thinkers and creatives on this journey of expansion. We have a potential for unlimited access to resources, especially with channels like Medium. This potential breaks barriers in ways we haven’t yet fathomed. It gives me #Perspective.

And with that, my brain soars beyond old ways of thinking. However,

creativity is like a smell from your childhood you can’t quite place. It is fleeting. It is impermanent.

So in keeping with Letting Go of Yesterday, I will revisit some of my past writings one last time. They deserve to be thrown out into the Universe for safe keeping, off of my shoulders. For I am only an instrument in the grand scheme of things. It is where they belong. As I loosen my grip on the past, freedom sings within my soul.

I grow. 

I embrace creativity as a love you set free. If it comes back, it is meant to be. At some point in time, one must trust the process. It is beauty. It is grace. I try to remain unattached and live in the moment which takes place. Yoga does happen off the mat.

Thanks for reading.

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!