Headstand to Zen

Headstand Your Way to Zen


Arranging Something in a Special Way

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Vinyasa. This is the art of breathing your way from one pose to another.  I am currently trying to do a headstand in yoga class, Sirsasana. I’m not going to lie, it is hard. My arm strength is getting better. My technique is getting better. Yoga teaches you strength in so many ways. Not just physical, but mental strength as well.

It also teaches you to be soft and forgiving of yourself and others. Yoga is soothing on the soul. I started going to yoga last year. I keep going because it is helping me break free of my invisible box of fear.

Conversations of Expectation

In one of the very first classes I attend, I remember a student sitting in Child’s Pose. She says,

“I still don’t get it.”

“What do you mean?” the teacher replies.

The student glances around the room at all of us.

“Everyone talks about all of this magical stuff with yoga. And, how earth shattering it is. I have been coming here for eight weeks and nothing. I am still waiting.”

“Maybe you should come more than once a week and it might help,” says our instructor.

“I don’t have time for that,” replies the student.

I commend her for being honest. She may never “get it.” (Whatever “it” is.) Zen, enlightenment, nirvana, faith, or spirituality is different for all of us. Freedom from the mind is different for all of us. Maybe she isn’t meant to get it because the Universe loves to maintain its balance. The ultimate cosmic joke: freewill.

The Headstand is My Metaphor of Expectation

From one Yoga Master, Sri Swami Satchidananda,

“With your own free will you give yourself into the hands of God. We never lose by giving ourselves into those hands. By giving ourselves completely, we gain more of God. We get all of God, if we give our all. Then there is no destiny, and there are no problems.”

In the moment of compassionate listening, I realize something. Expectation. We expect things in life. We make good grades. We expect high honors. We go to the best schools. We expect the highest paying jobs. We make great money. We expect fancy houses. It never ends. It never ends until we draw a line and take the reins.

Headstand to Freedom

Letting Go

Expectation is an invisible bully. I should know. It has bullied me into some serious self-esteem issues. We would all be better with a child-like mindset of “anything is possible.” The song on this soundtrack, Thursday’s Child, by none other than David Bowie. May he rest in eternal peace.

Anyways, we expect something. Always. Tit for tat. Even on the smallest level. So in order to do my headstand, I need to get my head out of my ass. I realize this. Will I eventually? I have no clue because I’m trying to let go of the expectation. It is a hard pill to swallow. But, it is just #Perspective in the scheme of humans, free will and the Universe.

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!

Quote credit: “The Golden Present, Daily Inspirational Readings” by Sri Swami Satchidananda, March 15 “You Can’t Fly Like a Bird.”

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