Journey of the Humble Warrior

Journey of the Humble Warrior

Within all of us is perseverance. Using it gracefully is the key. The three lessons I would take with me on this journey of a thousand lifetimes is

1. The Ego versus the Soul

The Ego contains our everyday stuff. It is the reason we fight tooth and nail for achievement, recognition and praise. The Soul is the soft and nurtured being which will forever say,

“It is okay.”

The two go hand in hand for eternity. Tip the scale this way and you have more Ego. Tip the scale that way and you have more Soul. Learning to balance them is the key to our stillness. And a beautiful stillness it is when you are able to concoct just the right amount. Learn this lesson well because she will kick you when you are down or carry you to new leaps and bounds.

2. Own It All

The journey of a thousand lifetimes is a beautiful one indeed. In order to succeed, one must own every deed.

Own it for the damage. Own it for the happiness. Own it for the failure. Own it for the success. Own it for the days you don’t want to be you. Own it. Own it because owning it will make you true to you.

And then the Ego and Soul will breathe. They will breathe a breath like  never before. Clean.

3. Love Generously without Expectation

The last bit of the lesson to walk with for eternity’s tide,

“Love. Give love. Receive love. Don’t expect love. Love in the moments which bind you to fear. Love in the moments which make your fate clear. Love in the moments which bring you your mate. Love you for you. Love when you forget. Love to forget. Love all of the Ego which brought you here and opened the door to the root of your spirit.”

And after these lessons of fortune and fame, the epic battle for the Warrior remains. Except now, he is humbled by gratitude and grace. Things will never look the same way. His new-found strength will carry him through the next thousand battles he will face.

Another great writing prompt from Death to Stock, “Prompt #21: Three lessons for your next life.”

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!

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