Post cards about this marathon called life.

Because life is a marathon


Sustain yourself and bring forth loving-kindness.

A new leg of my marathon starts with a series, Postcards. It is a tall tale of hope, love and beauty coupled with pop-culture and quirkiness.

One leg of my marathon…

In another lifetime,

I had a beautiful dog who I lost in a tragic accident. I called her Bug. My hope as a child still remained even though I couldn’t understand this lesson as a teenager. I persevered throughout the years. Some of these experiences I have shared with you already in previous #Perspective posts. The lessons will always exist. It just takes time in order to be still and listen with your eyes wide open and ears in tune.

The lessons will always exist.


The obstacles will always exist. We will continue to succeed, fail and carry-on the way humans do. It is what connects us. Our differences become our similarities. And within all of this, we can build resilience; singularly, collectively, graciously.

Postcards will add a little bit of light to humanity’s perseverance and pay homage to our unique characteristics as human beings; the good, the ugly, the beauty and chaos.

For my Bug had flown away…

As the Greek myth goes,

Pandora with blazing curiosity, opened the box. The ills of the world were set free. However, after it was all said and done, Hope remained inside the box. She sprouted her strong, little wings and flew off into the world.


I had hope that spring day after experiencing pain and sorrow despite my anger and resentment. My Bug taught me a valuable life lesson even if I couldn’t describe it at the time.

Onward we go on this marathon


I wrote an essay about Bug in a college, English class. I rewrote it a few months ago with the clarity I have learned within experiencing the path I walk. My English teacher, Ms. Moye, tried to pull it out of me back then; however, I had not experienced enough “life” yet, to make it truly compelling. She knew I had it in me. She believed in me. I just wasn’t ready as a 19 year-old to write it the way she perceived it as a wiser, more experience under-the-belt adult.


I would like to thank Ms. Moye at Radford University. You gave me a building block in this crazy, creative process we call writing. After I quit the dance program at Radford due to an eating disorder, I studied Journalism at Marshall University. I wanted to explore a different aspect of writing; something more structured, researched and logical.

Perhaps it was balance I was seeking.

To conclude,

Acceptance is how all of this came to fruition. Ms. Moye gave me encouragement when I needed it most. Ballet is rigorous. It takes a toll on your body. It is critical as well. She gave me light in a very dark tunnel which I thought would never end. For respect is acknowledged with gratitude. I guess the path was paved long before you or I knew the way…

Only you can change you. It is all in the #Perspective.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Neither. The glass is filled with water. Sustain yourself. And go forth with loving-kindness. 

Stay beautiful!

Worthybit is my piece of love to the world. It sits alongside my responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and Human. From the ashes we rise to find our own, unique worthybit. — Tara

The Phoenix

The Phoenix