#Perspective of Today

Mantra Magic Shines Bright


Purpose of the Mantra

I think we are hard-wired to have a purpose. I’ve found it is the little one’s which shed the most light.

Rise and shine.

No matter what time.

Find a purpose.

A reason.

Say your gratitude’s.

Throw away the platitudes.

Set your mantra for the day.

Even without,

five minutes is all you’ll need to see,

the Universe silently whispering:




we start the day.

Did you think of something you needed to say?

Did you reflect with intention?

Who needs you?

Your breath?

Your brain?

Your mate?

The strangers on your daily beat?

What needs you?

The trees?

The plants?

The flowers?

The bird singing on your balcony?

Is it intrinsic?

Or extrinsic?

Do you need you?

Feel. Adjust. Contemplate.

Mindfulness. Gratitude. Patience.

Does the lady on the corner street bear witness to your dreams?

Awareness brings out the inner you.

The me in me. The who I want to be.

Set an intention for the day. And pay attention to your ways.

It may lead to the sugar which makes the sauce taste so sweet.

Mantra Magic for All

This is my special sauce. Life is chaotic at best. We have the power to be our own gatekeeper. No matter where we might be at the time, bear witness to life. Set an intention upon waking. It could possibly change your #Perspective

Props to the folks at Death to Stock for the writing prompts and Medium for being a medium to many thinkers, writers, dreamers and achievers. It is a portal of exploration and adventure; another avenue to display our creativity. When we keep taking steps outside of our comfort zone, the path unfolds your life. What a beautiful path it can be. What a beautiful life this path leads.

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!