#Perspective of Today

Top 5 Beautiful Moments for the Week


There are many things which remind me as to why I am grateful for my life. All of which give me a Bit of #Perspective. These are my top 5 beautiful moments for the week.

1) My boys: Lucas and Henry.

Being a mother is one of my greatest joys. It’s exciting. It’s adventurous. It’s beautiful. I am lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom. It is almost like being a kid again. Seeing the world through your children’s eyes is special. I think, “This is a brand new experience for them. All of these moments are firsts.”

Top 5 Beautiful Moments

These boys are beautiful!

2) It is springtime!

I live in Northeast Florida, about 7 miles from the beach. We have palm trees and sand for dirt. I walked outside this morning to let our dogs out and it smelled like West Virginia in the springtime. There are moments, even here, where the air is crisp like mountain air and the birds are singing the same song as they used to when I lived in those foothills of Appalachia.

3) Cars, cars, cars.

On this little known island of Amelia, every year at this time, we have a bustling of people. It is the Concours d’Elegance. People gather for three┬ádays worth of auctions, classy cars, fancy cars, and high-end socializing. This year, I am lucky enough to attend. I can’t wait to share those pictures with you.

4) Did I mention it is springtime?

Gardening is a great hobby. It is the middle of March and our winter is pretty much over. it is near 80 degrees today! We had a few cool days where it froze a couple of times, but that pretty much sums up our winters. The trees are beginning to bud and I have flowers to plant. Lucas is old enough to play in the dirt and run around our yard while Henry sits in the stroller taking in the sunshine. Magic moments!

Moments in Amelia

Moments in Amelia

5) Mindful living.

Bringing mindfulness into our lifestyle has been a truly, remarkable experience. It is almost like being born again. Everything you see and witness is exceptional: color, taste, smell, touch, sound. There is beauty in everything. It also takes patience. Raising two, little boys in a mindful lifestyle has its adventures as well. Redirecting their attention when something doesn’t go their way is cumbersome at times. My husband and I were always told, “No, don’t do that.” And that was that. Now, we pause and figure out a new path. Patience is key because we are all learning something new.

These are some of my magic moments of the week. These moments all lead to #Perspective. Thank-you for reading. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay beautiful!

Beautiful Moments in Gardening

Beautiful Moments in Gardening