Creating the Unknown

Unknown territory… Well, it’s odd


Unknown to me, Unknown to you

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I have watched my mother and father create art my entire life. It is real. It is raw. It is personal. It is unknown what the inspiration behind the art truly is unless you ask. Conversations begin with asking…

Give my mom a pencil, a sewing machine and cloth, she will make an original from scratch. Pattern-making requires a good eye and sense of direction. One time, she made these professional grade tutu’s for one of my ballet teachers. They were exquisite! The beading and tulle just flowed. She started with some measurements and produced 5 of them specific to each body type. I watched in awe as these marvelous pieces of art came to life.

My father can draw anything off the top of his head. He can paint, too. Realistic or abstract, pick one. He makes custom knives now from his own patterns. Both majored in Art; fashion design for mom, painting and printmaking for dad. Through art, I have seen the upside down perspective.

On my adventures of exploring self-acceptance, I have broaden my horizons to include mixed media collage. These will be the backdrop for the words I write. I love using images, so I am taking it a step further and creating original, pieces of art for the InspireByWorthybit collection.

Writing the Unknown

Writing is an art as well. There is always room for improvement. As you experience life, read more books, read other work and soak up all there is, it will change. Criticism and love will flow both ways. Style and word selection changes as your vocabulary expands. Your perspective changes. Always walking into the unknown. It’s good for the soul. It keeps the ego at bay.

I love to find and create photos and/or images to contradict as well as complement the words I write. Worthybit gives exploration a platform. My life is about finding inspiration and creating conversation.

The process to get my website published was an adventure itself. I read a lot about sitemaps, html, filenames, themes, inserting code to create links, SEO, API keys, etc. It took time and it still takes time. It is unknown territory. WordPress is a fabulous tool! I am still trying to figure out all of the ins and outs. Always the student.

Building the Unknown

Armed with a color concept and a vibe, I built the unknown from the bottom up. I looked at an endless amount of themes, which WordPress offers many for free. The add-ons are quite reasonable, too. WordPress also gives you options. You can either use your name with their .com or buy your own domain name. I chose to buy my domain because this is a long-term business. When looking at the options, consider your brand, exclusivity and mission. You will still be able to use their platform and connect to a wide variety of people and companies within the WordPress community. And don’t forget the Blog on WordPress; you will have questions. Valuable information for beginners.

I took the first step and bought a domain. I chose Namecheap. It works quite well with WordPress. I also purchased an SSL certificate for securing the website’s information. Namecheap walks you through all the steps. If you get stuck, there’s a help desk as well. It comes in handy.

None of this is familiar. I felt like I was in college all over again, studying the upside-down triangle, writing style of Journalism. Or learning how to write a legal memorandum. Whew! But, my brain absorbed it. My ego refuted it a couple of times. Eventually, it became a reality. The last step, hit the publish button! (Sometimes that button is harder than any of the other steps I take.) We keep persevering. Onward we go.

My Unknown Today

I have an idea in my head and here I go again. Persevering through the elements to create my vision. InspireByWorthybit is a collection of words and art. They complement each other. They will contrast each other. I think art should be felt with emotion as well as physical touch. It’s one of the reasons I like sculpture. It has physical depth. In some instances, like installations, you can touch the art. If you have ever been to a museum, you don’t touch the art. You admire it and study from a distance. One of my favorite places growing up is the Art Institute of Chicago. If you are ever in Chi-town, stop by. The lions greet you with their stoic presence at the entrance. You will have a memorable experience.

I always listen to music when I write. It encapsulates you and brings emotions to the surface. This is what I want the InspireByWorthybit collection to do. I want you to feel the presence of your senses. I want it to inspire the greatness within yourself and leave you with a different #Perspective.

Explore the Unknown with Me

I will be sharing this process with you as I create each one. The spirit behind the inspiration is integral. I am glad we can share this journey together and get the conversation going.

Stay beautiful!

Worthybit is my piece of love to the world. It sits alongside my responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and Human. From the ashes we rise to find our own, unique worthybit. – Tara

The unknown is beautiful.

The Phoenix