weave some poetry today

Weave Your Tall Tales of Poetry


Weave Your Worldly Ways

“Writers write and the poets dream, somewhere I fall between.”

Walk with me.

Walk next to my footsteps.

Open my eyes to see your point of view.

Walk with me.

Walk to be with me.

Close your eyes to see my dreams.

Walk with me.

And I will walk with you.

I will see your dreams.

I will walk with you.

And together

we can be one.

Life Through Words

All of these words and nothing to say.

I will paint a picture for you anyway.

Love Letters

Love Letters


Damaged and bruised.

I will walk with you.

Enlightened and true.

I will walk with you.

Lending your strength.

I walk for truth.

Weave a Wall of Love

Walls of Love

Truth of another time.

Truth of another kind.





I walk for you.

Weave our paper dreams

Paper Dreams

You hold me upright

through our faded days.

I hold you upright

through our worried ways.

I walk with you

throughout our days.

You walk with me

throughout the gray.

My words. Their prompt.
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