Finding the other way.

Zen Within the Perspective of the Moment


Zen is Work Love Life


I have been reading numerous blog posts, articles, books, teachings, etc. on zen. What is zen? How do we find the balance within our self and the world? In my opinion, it is all encompassing. Within and without, we exist in the middle.

This is only my interpretation, I am not an instructor nor yogi nor Buddhist in the formal sense. I am exploring for now and writing as I go. These are my thoughts and those, too, will probably change in the way life leads you on your path.

Let’s start with One:

In the middle of it all is peace.

Love Letters to Zen – One


The middle space. in zen.









Let the thought pass like a summer breeze.



Love is powerful a powerful energy source.



Our work is life. Life is our work.


I will continue to explore this journey.

I like to revisit readings from The Golden Present by Sri Swami Satchidananda. As our #Perspective changes, our thoughts on life change. The humble warrior is always present. We persevere.

As our culture ebbs and flows with the undertones of discord and distress as well as harmony and beauty within humanity, maintaining our self is important. Tend to your garden frequently. Keep it healthy. Keep your resilience steady. Find time to enjoy the outdoors and rolling around in the grass with your children. Eat clean food. Call a friend. Step away from the electronics and breathe in life’s moments as they come and go. As humans, contradictions will always exist. Somewhere in the midst of this enlightening chaos, we can find a tiny bit of peace. Water her often. Live in the moment.

As always,

Only you can change you. Stay beautiful!

Worthybit is my piece of love to the world. It sits alongside my responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, friend and Human. From the ashes wee rise to find our own, unique worthybit. – Tara

The unknown is beautiful.

The Phoenix