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Finding Moments

Just wanted to share a few things on my mind this beautiful Monday afternoon.

20,000 breaths

100,000 heartbeats

24 hours

Inspiration comes from many places. This morning while reading theĀ @leftbrainbuddha newsletter (where I came across the reference to the breaths and heartbeats), I thought of how we need a sense of community once again. Individualism has been so important for so long, but without a sense of community, of belonging, humans wander. Our train of thought wanders. Our perspective wanders.

We are stronger with love.

With respect.

With compassion.

We are stronger together.

Mindfulness teaches us this.

Finding Inspiration

Finding Relics

Speaking of community, last week, I loaded up the stroller into the Subaru and dropped off Lou for some fun time with Nana and Papa. I took Hank with me to meet up with a girlfriend of mine at Eco Relics on Stockton Street. (Jacksonville). If you haven’t visited this place, you must go.

They have antiques, architectural salvage like hardware and fixtures, reclaimed wood and all sorts of other interesting finds. The warehouse is huge. It feels like you stepped back into a different era when you walk through the plastic dividers. It reminds me of a few places my parents and I would explore downtown Chicago when I was a kid. We were always in the warehouse district looking at art in the galleries. The 80’s in Chicago were definitely a unique period of time in my life. Creativity and inspiration around every corner. So if you are looking for inspiration and want a cool place to explore, please stop by Eco Relics. It is a great Jacksonville find. You will not be disappointed; although, you may have to make two trips out of it instead. It’s that big!

Finding Fun Places

Finding Eco Relics

The weather finally cooled down a bit and we aren’t 100+ degrees outside today. Going to go enjoy the rest of my afternoon with the kids and do some cooking later on. Remember, life is full of inspiration. Inspiration comes from within. Let it blossom. Let it grow. Let it show.

Stay beautiful!

P.S. The lamp in the picture above totally rocks!

Finding Relics

Finding Relics